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Since its inception in 2018, the Khalid Saleh Saeed Al Khaldi Contracting the name has been synonymous with quality, performance and experience. Building on this traditional legacy, we have naturally evolved as a prominent player in Civil Subcontract, Manpower Services, Equipment Rental, Car & Light Vehicle Rental, Transportation & Logistics, Trading & Materials, Demolition & Scrap Cleanrance & Crushers.

We take pride in performing our work professionally, with integrity, passion and dedication to our clients, achieving positive results through effective and cohesive teamwork fostering trust and respect for individuals, supporting the diversity of our people while providing a stable, harmonious, productive and safe working environment. Our values have truly shaped the company’s successful progression and will certainly continue to define what we aspire to achieve in the future. With a solid financial and technical base, We continues to build winning relationships with a wide spectrum of prestigious partners across diverse business sectors and is well equipped to confidently approach challenging market opportunities on a global scale.

With passion to be among the best, we aim to continue this tradition by adoption the following policies :
1. Provide since service by respecting Client requirements such as a quality product delivered in a cooperative atmosphere and with in the pre-agreed construction timetable. We believe that this will help secure repeated business and lasting relationships.
2. Maintain regular communication with the Clients, Consultants and Customer, thus being aware of their opining as to the service we provide and give serious consideration to any suggestions,thus aim for continues improvement.
3. By providing thoughtful considerate and safe Constructions processes,we aim to be environmentally sensitive, good neighbors and valuable partners with our Clients/Consultant, Customers, sub contractors and other members of the Construction team.
4. We pledge to work with a teamwork spirit by providing our employees with a safe, fair and pleasant working environment and by adoption modern Human Resources practices with opportunities for regular training and self betterment which will make all management and employees alike share the Company's values.
5. We will constantly strive to implement our policies in order to achieve our mission and our vision and in so doing we will aim to deliver operational excellence in every aspect of the Company to meet or exceed our targets.


Our Vision is to build a company and business models in the Middle East, which provides Quality products at the best prices to all our customers with a special focus on reduced delivery time.


Our Mission as a supplier is to create, maintain and be part of an efficient supply chain that allows our clients easy access to highest quality in products, at minimal costs, and within the shortest possible time frame.

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We are established by highly experienced engineers to provide commercial, industrial contracting operation and maintenance services. Strong dedication and commitment to the client forms the very fabric of our company.

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Khalid Saleh Saeed Al Khaldi Contracting
  • P.O Box 135, BLO#302-B
    Gulf Star Business Center
    AI Jubail 31951
    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • PH: +966 1366 22412
           +966 54 296 0866

  • E-Mail: info@kskcosa.com

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